E-Newsletter 1/10/17

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The wine world can be a funny thing.

Much of the time, you’ll find good or great wines
at reasonable prices… “reasonable” of course
being a relative term. (and at our shop the prices
are even better than reasonable)

Occasionally, though, something a little crazy

For example, an excellent producer of sterling
reputation will sell estate fruit at a rock-bottom
price. Maybe because it was a great year and
they have more fruit than they need.

Maybe they’re craving some cash flow.

We don’t really care why it happens, especially
when the resulting wine is this good.

The wine is called Salient. It’s the 2014, and
the juice is from the famous Napa sub-appellation
of Spring Mountain.

The original producer (we can’t tell you who it is,
but they are quite famous) sells their regular
Cabernet for $75, their Reserves for much more.

The Salient is 60% off of that price, which means
just 29.97.

This baby is rich in aromas and flavors, with classic
notes of blackberry, blackcurrant, oak, vanilla, and
cocoa. A nice layer of dusty tannins add terrific
structure. Altogether this is rock solid.

It’s super tasty right now, especially after an hour
or so of decanting, and it will age well too.
Optimal drinking window 2018-2016.

A $75 Cab for $30. See what I mean about the
wine world being a funny place?


We have six delicious blends lined up for you
this Friday and Saturday, 1/13-1/14.

Cost is just $10/person to taste them all, and
availability is any time from 4-9 both days.

Check these out:

Blindfold White 2014, 15.97
Bogle Essential Red 2014, 7.97
Troublemaker Red Blend 10, 15.97
Sauce Red 2013, 14.97
Kuleto Frog Prince 2013, 17.97
Calcareous Moose 2013, 41.97

Awesome deal for ten bucks. Join us this weekend!